Planting Creativity

Planting Creativity is a planner and an activity book which uses the concept of tending to a garden and the cycle of seasons as a metaphor for self-care and enhancing creativity. The planner is split into 7 sections: Creativity Garden, Creative Seasons, Ideas & Brainstorming, How to Fail, Self-Reflection, Collaboration, and Random Prompts. As a planner it also includes calendars, to-do lists, mind map pages, and notes. It is held together by binder rings to be fully customizable, pages can be removed, added, reordered, and shared as needed.

Course: Ideas & Images, George Brown College

Deliverables: Book, Stickers


Creative Garden

This section outlines 4 different elements needed to enhance creativity: the toolbox, the soil, the seeds, and the harvest. 

Creative Seasons

This sections talks about productivity as a cycle rather than a constant state. It asks the reader to reflect on their own rhythms of exploration, creativity, and rest.

Ideas & Brainstorming

The reader is given various different tips and techniques to stay creative, solve problems, and generate new ideas.

How to Fail

Perfection and fear of failure often kill creativity. The Failure Map prompts the reader to get out all their fears and name what they are, rather than ruminate in unspecific anxious feelings.


The reader is taken through a couple activity that allow them to take stock and ground themselves. 


Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. This section has activities that must be done in pairs or groups, encouraging the reader to connect with others and create things they wouldn’t imagine on their own, planting seeds for unexpected ideas and connections.

Random Prompts

A series of creative challenges that leaves things to chance! After cutting out and assembling the dice template, the reader rolls to obtain a random theme and subject with which to complete each challenge.


To help the reader stay organized with all their new thoughts, goals, ideas, and visions: the planner also includes calendar pages, note pages, to-do lists, and mind map pages.

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