Let's Check In

This is a flexible and interactive tool used to enhance communication, ideation, and collaboration skills within your team. Collaboration is a big part of being a designer (it's a big part of life) but we're not always given the tools to be successful in our group work. The goal of this game is to help develop trust by prompting the important conversations that often get missed.

Course: International Charrette, GBC

Deliverables: Interactive card deck


How to Play

Let’s Check In is designed to help teams form connections, communicate and collaborate better. The card deck does this by offering open-ended questions, prompts, tips and activities to help facilitate meaningful conversations within a safe, judgment free zone. Pulling a few cards from the deck can be used as a simple way to check-in with your team and keep communications open. Each card is meant to foster deeper conversations, so don't be afraid to take your time—you're not meant to get through the whole deck in one sitting. There is no beginning, end, winners, or losers.

The deck is split up into 4 sections:

Self Reflection: 

These cards offer open-ended questions prompting you to reflect on yourself and your past experiences, sharing your observations and learnings with the team. This section can be played at any time.

Communication Styles:

These cards will prompt you to reflect on the different communication styles that exist within your team dynamic, helping you to understand one another better and identify which communication methods work best for you. This section can be played at any time.

Collective Ideation:

These cards offer brainstorming techniques and prompting questions to help your team dig deeper and facilitate an open and collaborative ideation process. This section is best played while the team is developing their project idea.

Working Together:

These cards provide prompts and practical techniques to help divide the labour and make collective decisions in a way where everyone feels heard and included. This section is best played while your team is working towards implementing their project.

Let's Connect :)

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