See Saw—App Redesign

The goal of this project was to re-design See Saw, a gallery listing app that helps users navigate the art world in cities like New York, LA, Berlin, London, and Paris. My version of the app is more user friendly and inviting to those who are new to the art world. I wanted to expand its functions to meet the needs of artists and arts organizations, and to include Toronto as a major art centre. 

Try out the prototype yourself!

Course: Interaction Design, George Brown College

Deliverables: Mobile app design


Process Work

In my research and personal experience, I found that there is a need for an app like this and very few other options. Compiling all the arts events in the city in one resource, along with the map function is very useful. However the biggest issue I identified was the method of browsing these events. It only works for users who are already familiar with the names of artists and galleries. The art world  can be very exclusive, so I asked myself: How can I re-design this app in a way that is more accessible to beginners, emerging artists, and everyday people who want to experience more art?

From the original app, I redesigned the Featured Events page, as well as the general listings which can be browsed by neighbourhood or all together, and saved to your map. I expanded the app by adding a section for Open Calls, to connect artists with opportunities. There is a profile section so artists and galleries could submit their listings for review. And I added a Favourites feature, allowing users to receive notifications when their favourite gallery posts a new event.

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